Why are women's water polo suits thongs

Why are women’s water polo suits thongs?

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Women’s water polo is a highly competitive and skilful sport. Water polo is a fast-paced and physically demanding sport where players must have a full range of motion to compete effectively. Women’s water polo suits are designed as thongs for a few reasons.

A thong water polo suit minimizes the surface area against the water, which allows players to move more quickly and efficiently in the pool. A skimpier cut allows for greater freedom of movement, which could allow female players to react faster in the water.

Why are women's water polo suits thongs

Many professional athletes wear uniforms specifically designed for their sport, following fashion trends and performance-focused advancements. Thong-style water polo suits have become the standard for women’s teams, promoting unity and coordination among players. These suits are designed to meet the sport’s specific needs, including performance, comfort, and safety.

Most women’s water polo suits are designed to provide full coverage and support while in the water. These suits are typically made from a durable fabric.

Why do women’s water polo suits come in such small sizes?

There are several reasons women’s water polo suits are designed to be smaller than regular swimsuits. Some of these factors include.

1. Mobility: Water polo requires a wide range of motion for swimming, throwing, and grappling with opponents. A smaller suit allows for better flexibility and unrestricted movement, enabling players to perform at their best.

2. Hydrodynamics: Water polo suits are designed to reduce water resistance and improve hydrodynamics. A smaller suit decreases the amount of water the body comes into contact with, allowing for increased speed and efficiency in the water. Athletes may feel self-conscious or objectified in small suits.

Why are women's water polo suits thongs

Recognizing and addressing concerns surrounding smaller water polo suits for women is crucial in promoting inclusivity and ensuring the best experience for all athletes. Some possible alternatives and solutions include.

Why are women’s swimsuits so skimpy?

Historically, women’s swimsuits were more modest and covered more skin. Ultimately, the choice of swimsuit style is personal, and women may choose a more or less revealing swimsuit based on their comfort level and individual preferences.

It is crucial to emphasize that women should be free to choose swimsuits that make them feel comfortable and confident without judgment or scrutiny. Swimsuits should be a personal choice based on individual preferences, body positivity, and self-expression.

Are there any benefits to wearing a big or small swimsuit in water polo? 

Swimsuit comfort and fit can significantly affect an athlete’s performance. Although the proper swimsuit size largely depends on personal preference, there are some potential benefits to wearing either a big or small swimsuit.

Big Swimsuits

  1. A looser swimsuit may provide greater freedom of movement, allowing for improved manoeuvrability underwater. Decreased restriction: Larger swimsuits may cause less skin irritation and decrease the chances of chafing or rubbing.
  2. Swimsuits with more coverage can offer greater protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, reducing the risk of sunburn during outdoor water polo matches.

Small Swimsuits

  1. Smaller swimsuits minimize resistance in the water, allowing players to move more efficiently and quickly. This can be helpful in terms of speed and agility during gameplay.
  2. Smaller swimsuits have less fabric, which means less water absorption. This reduces the weight of the swimsuit when wet, keeping the player more comfortable and agile in the water.

What Are The Best Of Things For Women’s Water Polo Sporting?

High-quality swimwear:

  1. Protect your head and identify your team with a water-resistant cap designed for water polo. 
  2. Look for a water polo ball with a quality grip for easier catching and throwing. 
  3. A nose clip may benefit you if you’re prone to nasal discomfort or sinus pressure. 
  4. Select ear protectors that can help prevent water from entering your ears and reduce the risk of ear infections. 
  5. A comfortable mouthguard can ensure proper teeth and jaw protection during intense play. 
  6. Incorporate swim fins, kickboards, and other tools to improve strength, stamina, and speed. 
  7. Maintain a well-balanced diet rich in vitamins, nutrients, and proteins for optimal performance. 
  8. Devote time to stretching and warming up before practice and games to prevent injuries and increase flexibility. 
  9. Maintain a positive mindset on and off the field to create a supportive and enjoyable environment for you and your teammates. 
Why are women's water polo suits thongs

Additional Tips for Women’s Water Polo Success:

Adaptability: Be willing to adapt to new strategies, techniques, and positions as the game evolves, demonstrating your versatility as a player.

Learn from challenges: View challenges, setbacks, and defeats as valuable learning experiences, constantly striving for improvement and growth.

Stay calm under pressure: Work on managing stress and maintaining calm and composure in high-pressure situations during games to maximize performance.

Why Water Polo Suits Should Be Tight?

One critical aspect of the sport is the equipment that players wear. The suits worn by water polo athletes are designed to be extremely tight for several reasons.

Fouling Prevention: A tighter-fitting suit provides less material for opponents to grab onto during gameplay, making it more difficult for other players to foul or impede them.

Enhanced Support: Tight water polo suits offer muscle support by even distributing pressure. This helps athletes maintain correct posture and perform at their best during prolonged game sessions.

Body Temperature Regulation: Snug suits are designed with advanced materials that absorb minimal water, preventing body heat loss and allowing players to maintain a comfortable temperature during play.

Durability and Longevity: High-quality, tight water polo suits are generally more resistant to damage, meaning they will last longer and withstand the rigorous nature of the sport.

This is especially important in water polo, where players need to be able to swim and move quickly in all directions while handling a ball. Water polo rules specify that suits must be “a close fit to the body” to maintain fair competition and prevent unfair advantages due to clothing.

Why Do Water Polo Players Wear Speedo?

Less Water Absorption: Speedos have very low water retention, allowing players to maintain a consistent speed and efficient movement throughout the game.

Reduced Chafing: Swimwear that rubs against the skin during intense and prolonged physical activity can result in chafing and discomfort. Thus reducing the potential for chafing, allowing players to focus squarely on their performance.

Increased Muscle Compression: Speedos provide light muscle compression, which may increase circulation and reduce muscle fatigue. The compression resulting from their tight fit can help support and stabilize muscles during gameplay, enhancing endurance and overall performance.

Why are womens water polo suits thongs

Why do women wear thongs for water polo?

Water polo is a high-intensity and competitive sport that requires effective and comfortable swimwear. Women players specifically opt for thong-style swimwear due to several reasons.

1. Better Grip Thong-style swimsuits offer a more secure fit, helping to prevent unwanted adjustments or shifting during gameplay. 

2. Hygiene and quick-drying Due to their minimalist design, thongs can dry quickly and help avoid trapping unwanted moisture, promoting better hygiene for athletes.

Water polo players frequently move their hips and legs in various directions while in the water, and traditional underwear can become uncomfortable or restrict movement. Conversely, thongs stay in place and don’t bunch up or cause discomfort during gameplay.

Pros and Cons?


  1. Thong-style water polo suits reduce drag, potentially increasing a player’s speed and mobility in the water.
  2. Thong suits can enhance comfort by preventing fabric bunching that can occur with traditional suits.
  3. Thong-style suits reduce drag and allow for greater freedom of movement in the water.


  1. Thong-style suits can slip, exposing the athlete’s skin and potentially leading to severe embarrassment or even disqualification from the competition. 
  2. There may be concerns about hygiene and the potential for bacterial infections due to increased skin-to-skin contact in the water.


Q: Are thong-style suits more expensive than regular women’s water polo suits?

A: The difference in price between thong-style suits and traditional women’s water polo suits can depend upon the brand, design, and material used. 

Q: How can I prevent chafing while wearing a thong-style suit?

A: Chafing can be avoided by wearing a properly sized suit and considering applying a lubricant or moisturizer to areas prone to irritation. Also, rinsing the suit and skin with fresh water after each use can prevent salt and chlorine from causing discomfort.

Q: Are thong suits required for water polo? 

A: No, they are not mandatory. Players can wear full-coverage suits if they prefer.

Final thoughts

While the purpose behind water polo suits for women serves various practical and performance-enhancing intentions, there are valid concerns surrounding the consequences for female athletes’ well-being and body image self-perception. 

By implementing alternatives and solutions like flexible uniform policies, inclusivity promotion, innovative designs, and better education and awareness, we can create a more positive and inclusive environment within the sport for all to enjoy.

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